Monday, August 3, 2009


4th August, an unforgotable date to whole MCA members, our Deputy President may be suspended after today disciplin council meeting.

The possibilities from my point of views if Dr. chua be suspended as below:

1. Dr. Chua will retired after suspended, no more active in politic, and then Ong Tee Keat can hold the presiden post forever.

2. Dr. Chua will play his role as BN Chief coordinator and forgot MCA.

3. Waiting another 2, 3 or 6 year, and then contest Presiden Post.

4. His supporters call for EGM, to vote untrust to Presiden, and then Dr. Chua cn take over whole party.

Above is just my points of views, pls not take it serious.



PoliBug | 波力拔克 said...

The wise man knows he knows nothing, the fool thinks he knows all. brother, just let them be.

马华KJ said...

i agree bro, we keep cool first.