Friday, September 25, 2009

JPJ Inspector ? PUSPAKOM Inspector? = Money Politic

I have attend a blogger gathering at Bukit Mertajam last week, during the gathering, i have informed by friend from Bukit Mertajam, Minister of transport has appoint his strong supporter who called Ong, to hold a Director post in Puspakom Penang.

I am suddenly getting very surprise and a bit angry, why an insurance agent can hold that post? Due to his qualification, he did know nothing in transportation matter; therefore, I doubt his appointment is due to his very close relationship with Presiden.

Today, I receive a call from my friend from Sabah, he asking me about what duty and entitle of JPJ Inspector and Puspakom Inspector. I have also suddenly getting surprise and also confuse, why suddenly this post created and what purpose and responsibility of this both position?

After I get more info from that friend, he was telling me that, our Presiden has meet some central delegate from Sabah last night, during the meeting, he has announce to appoint some division leaders to hold the post I mentioned above, from Presiden explanation, that post is inspect the performance of that two agency, but from my point of view, that appointment is for getting more support and vote for Ong during 1010 EGM.

In conclusion, our Presiden is now creating very bad political culture in our country, that appointment should be appoint after EGM for fairness purpose, he was now appoint that post to a lot division leaders, this is a type of corrupt and this will bring harm to party as well as whole country.

Please think that, if every Minister has appoint their supporter to hold the post like what has appoint in Ministry of Transport, how many country fund have to spend for their salary ? This is long term wasted, for me, this wasted is serious than PKFZ.


糊涂侠客 said...

The strong suppoter from BM is not called Ong, is Eng. This is the real money politic

马华KJ said...

haha, thanks bro.

Cassandra said...
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Cassandra said...

Let me also extend invitation to you:

On behalf of Pakatan Rakyat, I invite all MCA bloggers to join PR.

Your blogs shows you all hate your MCA party/leadership...

It clear to the world that when you not agree with your leader's stand means you don't agree with party stand = time for you to jump ship.

Quick, who be first to jump ship to PR? But remember, join PR must listen and try to understand new boss, ok?