Friday, September 25, 2009

Bagan Pinang By Election

One more week is date for BP By Election nomination, all of us is waiting who is the candidate from BN, candidate is important to this by election, if BN take not serious in candidate selection, this will resulting BN lost in BP.

From newspaper, Ex MB, Tan Sri Isa is recomment by UMNO and BN Telok Kemang, this due to his relationship with local people and also contribution by him during he hold MN post.

Not only the people from BP, from my observation, almost whole NS people are welcome Isa coming back to political world.

However, candidate selection is right to PM and his leadership, therefore, this has look at his wisdom in this important decision.

In conclusion, as a BN supporter, i am sure very hopefully BN will win this by election with majority, i am confident that chinese and indian community will fully support to BN if the candidate is suite to their taste.

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